How can I donate money?

Send your check to FESPP, P.O. Box 56080, Philadelphia PA 19130. You also can make an on-line donation at our Pay Pal link. As a 401(c)3 non-profit, your contribution to FESPP may be tax-deductible.


What fruit and nut trees did you plant?

  • Cornelian Cherry (Cornus mas ‘Golden Glory’), a dogwood which produces a very astringent cherry-like fruit best used in jams or in the same fashion as cranberries.
  • Brown Turley Fig (Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’).
  • Hazelnut (Corylus sp.)
  • Gooseberry (Ribes hirtellumm ‘Pixwell’)
  • Two types of sweet cherries (prunus avium): the yellow Rainier and a purple-black variety.

We’ll be adding more varieties as Corinthian Gardens develops. And we expect herbs to play an important role in our Demonstration Garden.

What’s the natural garden playscape?

It’s an area designed for children up to five years of age where they can make their own fun by playing amid mini-hillocks, tall grasses and other natural features. It will be wonderful complement to the PlayPen on the corner of Brown and 22nd Streets.

Will there be a dog park?

There will be no dedicated area for dogs. And because so much of Corinthian Gardens will be devoted to the Edible Forest Garden, dogs will be restricted to the Garden Walk, and then only when on-leash. A dog park is not a part of the plan because our Corinthian Avenue neighbors (some of whom were instrumental in establishing the park in the mid-1990s) raised serious and valid objections to the old dog park, which had been established strictly as a temporary area while the Brown Street lawn took root.

How can I get my own garden plot?

The awarding of personal garden plots is based on a lottery. Individual garden plots initially became available in Spring 2014, and qualified households were assigned plots on either a 2- or 3-year basis. To enter the lottery for a garden plot, all households completed 15 volunteer hours; this 15 hour requirement is an annual responsibility of all plot-holding households. To receive notices of future garden volunteer opportunities, send your name and address to

How much will it cost?

The essential aspects of the plan can be developed for a little less than $100,000. And we already have commitments for nearly one-third of that, including grants from the Fairmount Community Development Corporation (matched by FESPP funds) and PECO. We’ll be seeking additional grants as well as contributions from our neighbors. Our long-range goals (exercise station, game tables and other capital investments) will require significant additional funding.

What work will be done this year?

We’ve already planted 17 fruit and nut trees donated by the city with the help of about three dozen volunteers from the neighborhood and reestablished water service. Throughout the summer, a rotation of volunteers diligently watered the new trees.

The Fairmount Community Development Corporation contributed $10,000 for a crew to install a natural sand box with cover in the kids’ play area in addition to the demo garden beds. The $10,000 match from FESPP was on the CDC’s contribution.

The City of Philadelphia contributed $30,000 toward excavation of the site in November. Excavation activities included establishing erosion control measures; laying irrigation lines; digging up all garden beds to 12″ and replacing with good soil; removing rock in lawn areas to 4-5″ and replacing with soil; and seeding garden beds with cover crop for winter.

When will the gardens be open?

We’ll be opening Corinthian Gardens in phases. Individual and community garden plots opened in Spring 2014; there are numerous open community days throughout the spring and summer. Some long-term plans for the garden, such as the exercise station and game tables, will be added only as funds are available.

Private Events

How can I book a private event at FESPP?

While the primary use of FESPP is for day-to-day enjoyment by the surrounding neighborhood, small gatherings and parties are permitted.

An event reservation ensures that you may use the park for the reserved purpose at the date/time specified. If other users wish to reserve at the same time, you’ll be given the opportunity to approve their reservation. All reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis, with special priority given only to events sponsored by the FESPP. If your event is rained out, you must make a new reservation.

To make a reservation: Click on this link to complete the reservation form and email it to the FESPP events committee at You should receive a response within two days (if you do not receive a response, please email again).

Once scheduled, you will also need to complete an event waiver, which is included at this link.

For full details on private event guidelines at FESPP, please click here.


How can I volunteer to help?

Although contractors will do some of the heavy lifting, we’ll need your help in creating the garden beds, planting plants, weeding, and general garden creation and maintenance.

Volunteer Work Days for Corinthian Gardens occur throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Households interested in earning a garden plot will need to volunteer 15 hours to qualify. No special skills required! All FESPP members will receive notice regarding volunteer opportunities as they arise. If you would like to become a member, send an email with your name and address to: